Happy New Year, Solars!

It has been quite an eventful holiday for the team, but we have some exciting news that’s sure to brighten your day. We’re happy to announce our latest feature: veSOLAR — a much needed upgrade for the Solarbeam vaults!

To empower long-term committed Solarbeam investors, we…

Today we are happy to introduce our “Swap for Gas” feature!

This is a gasless transaction that allows users to swap an initial amount of approved tokens for MOVR.

This feature will replace the Faucet.

There is a 1% fee (on top of the 0.25% swap fee) which will be used by Solarbeam to cover cost of gas, and to mitigate any abuse of the feature.

For adding tokens to the supported list, they must support ERC20 Permit, and also have liquidity on Solarbeam.

To start using it, go to Bridge -> Swap for Gas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by our Discord or Telegram channels, and our awesome support staff will be happy to help you.


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