Eclipse IDO Partnership: Amara Finance
2 min readDec 20, 2021


Solarbeam is proud to announce our partnership with Amara Finance as our latest candidate for the Eclipse IDO launchpad.

The team has already received recognition from Polygon as a recipient of one of the Polygon grants, and placed third in the Wanxiang Hackathon for 2021. In addition to these honours, Amara’s team has also formed many prominent partnerships within the ecosystem: Moonbeam, Polygon, and more.

Amara Finance is a cross-chain financial aggregator aiming to be the DeFi collaboration center to bridge Polkadot and the off-DOT world. With ambitions to become the top lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem, Amara’s team will offer the following products:

  • AmaraLend, a creative multi-chain deployed lending protocol to release assets efficiency and bring DeFi to a new era. Users will be able to access an elastic, monetary market with a creative auto compound lending system. Users are able to draw interest-free loans against qualified LP tokens used as collateral.
  • AmaraLink, a multisig cross-chain bridge connecting Polkadot and off-DOT world which will be deployed on Moonriver, Polygon, and Binance Smart chain at launch.
  • AmaraPay, an aggregated payment gateway protocol responding swiftly across the world. Users can buy crypto assets with fiat currency and settle offline payment by the crypto assets real-time price payment channel. AmaraPay will integrate a variety of widely recognized cards such as Mastercard and VISA, and will support over 60 countries.

Solarbeam intends to raise $300,000 for the Amara team for their launch on January 17th, 2022.

About Amara Finance

Amara Finance aims to be the top lending protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem, and the go-to hub for interconnectivity and lending.

Amara Finance is an international team of well-developed and dynamic professionals, with about 10 core members of senior blockchain developers, and cryptography experts.

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About Solarbeam

Solarbeam is the leading decentralized exchange on Moonriver network. With a peak TVL of $188 million, and daily trading volumes between $5 million and $15 million per day, it is currently the largest on the network. Eclipse is Solarbeam’s launchpad, hosting both IDO and NFT projects for the Moonriver network.

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