Native MAI/MOVR Pool

QiDao and MAI are expanding on Moonriver! As a result of this native integration, users currently holding MAI (RelayMAI) will have to migrate to native MAI. This will help reduce future liquidity fragmentation and offer a unified token experience as we continue to grow the Solarbeam and QiDao partnership on Moonriver.

The old relayMAI/USDC pool will be deactivated, and in place we are launching a new pool: native MAI/MOVR.

Users currently holding relayMAI will be required to unstake from the relayMAI/USDC pool, unpair, use the QiDao Hub to swap 1:1 from relayMAI to native MAI, then follow the pairing and staking process again in the new MAI/MOVR pool. For more details about pairing and unpairing, please refer to our documentation.

Use the MAI website to swap bridged-MAI for native MAI.

For further information on how to use the MAI hub, please refer to their documentation.

Read more about Solarbeam:

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Main website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

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