Solarbeam partners with RelayChain to deploy bridge on Moonriver network!

As of September 27th, Solarbeam users can now bridge their Avalanche (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC) assets to and from Moonriver network.

Solarbeam and RelayChain will begin their partnership by bridging in assets from Avalanche and Polygon, two of the most popular DeFi networks. This represents an opportunity to substantially increase Moonriver TVL by giving users a simple, fast, and (most importantly) secure avenue to bridge their assets from the other chains. RelayChain plans to add support for connecting even more chains to Moonriver in the very near future. The initial assets to be bridged will be AVAX, MATIC, and RELAY.

In addition to the bridge, we have also added 3 additional incentivized pools: AVAX/MOVR, MATIC/MOVR, RELAY/MOVR (rewards in SOLAR).

All parties involved, Moonriver, Solarbeam and RelayChain, are incredibly excited to commence this partnership. Be sure to bridge and enter the liquidity pools early to earn the best APY.

Stay tuned to both RelayChain and Solarbeam social channels as we will be announcing details on an exciting and lucrative contest to celebrate this event!

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The leading AMM on Moonriver network

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The leading AMM on Moonriver network

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